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Financial Information


Tuition for private schools can be very expensive. It costs from $6000 to $8000 to educate a child at Toledo Junior Academy, even afer receiving minimal subsify from the state of Ohio. We appreciate that the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the Toledo First Adventist Church, as well as private donors, highly subsidize our tuition so that our costs can remain relatively low. 


$3,650 per child enrolled per year (2017-2018 rate)
$3,250 per additional family student
$4,650 Quarterly Payments
*NWOSF as per their recipient schedule

(Families with more than one child enrolled will receive a $200 tuition discount per additional child for the 2nd and 3rd child. The 4th child would be charged at one-half the tuition amount).

Plan #1:  If the full registration fee and the full year's tuition is paid in full before the first day of school, a 10% per child tuition discount will apply (toward tuition only).

Plan #2: If the full registration fee and a full semester's tuition is paid in full before the start date of a semester, a 5% per child tuition discount will apply (toward tuition only).

Those who receive scholarships may only receive the above discounts on the portion of tuition paid out-of-pocket. 

Plan #3: 10% of total tuition (or yout portion, if a scholarship recipient) is due before the first day of school in August and on the 15th of each month thereafter, through May, totaling 10 monthly payments. 

Plan #4: For payments made quarterly, or for any deferred payment other than the plans above, the tuition amount is $4,650.

Returned Checks: 

A $25 charge will be assessed for all checks returned due to non-sufficient funds. 

Non-Refundable Tuition and Fees:

A non-refundable fee of $200.00 for all grade levels is due at registration. Any prepaid tuition amounts for students leaving at any point in the school year are not refundable. Monthly tuition amounts for students who withdraw with a balance due will not be pro-rated

Past Due Accounts

If an account is two months past due, the person responsible for the account must make satisfactory arrangements for payment or withdraw the student. Report cards, diplomas, and graduation ceremony participation will be denied for students whose accounts and fees are delinquent.

A student who has an unpaid balance from the previous school year may not be permitted to re-enroll until full payment is made.

Transfer Fee

If an account is delinquent and the student no longer attends Toledo Junior Academy, a fee to transfer the record will be added to the unpaid balance.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance applications are available to famillies who qualify. Application forms are available from the school office. We must receive the previous year's 1040 Income Tax Form (a W-2 will not suffice) from each family requesting assistance. Each family must prove their financial need. 

T.R.I.P. Program

Parents and others can purchase gift cards at face value of 50% of the profit from those purchases can be credited toward tuition accounts. The purchaser may choose which students account the amount is applied to. This fundraiser supplements our general budget and can be most successful if all parents are involved. 

Incidental Fees

Each family needs to be aware of the various activities that may require additional money throughout the school year. These may include field trips (costs will vary), class pictures, special projects, yearbook, graduation, 8th-grade class trip, etc.